Reach your full ability

Eds.Change are experts in developing, delivering and implementing programs of support for children and young people with disabilities, their parents or carers and teachers. 

We value...

Quality education for all

We believe that every child has the right to quality education.

We have high expectations for students, especially those with disabilities.

We believe that learning is life-long.

Teachers' wellbeing

We acknowledge and support teachers’ wellbeing.

We acknowledge and support professional growth.

Mutual & beneficial outcomes

Our main services

Eds.Change are specialists in education for children and young people with disabilities. Our main services include:

  • Early intervention for children aged 0-7
  • Post schools skills building
  • Transitional support for children starting primary and secondary school
  • Parent workshops
  • Professional learning for teachers
group picture from an eds change life skills program, eating the pizza they prepared earlier, practicing life skills